The inaugural Pro 7ff 4000

Transcript of the live commentary at the Muur de Burbach:

And it’s all going to come down to the wall. The leading group still consists of six riders with Witt and Hund leading the charge. Stubenrauch hiding a bit further back. We are awaiting his attack for sure. My goodness, this will be a nailbiting finale.

And now they enter the climb. Witt leading them out with Hund on the inside. Stubenrauch moving up while the others are losing contact. It’s going to be between these three riders as they enter the steep section now. What a spectacle. Hund goes to the front and ups the pace ever so slightly. Witt is losing ground now, Stubenrauch follows. But Hund still looks remarkably smooth.

Hund’s pace is relentless. And look at this! Stubenrauch loses ground now. Hund increasing his lead, not looking back, digging deep. Stubenrauch is pedalling squares now as Hund approaches the top.

He looks back, judges his lead, pulls over the top and has a decent gap there.

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