How to listen to music that’s not on Apple Music via Apple Music

If you’re an Apple Music user you may be familiar with search results that don’t meet your expectations, i.e. the track you’re searching for hasn’t made it into the global Apple Music library. Fortunately, there’s a way to listen to music that’s not on Apple music yet.

  • It all begins with an audio file of the track you want to add to your Apple Music library on your computer. Open iTunes and add the audio file to your library (⌘O). (To extract audio tracks from videos the command line tool youtube-dl is really handy. It’s also available via Homebrew.) Of course, you may also add from other sources like old CDs, etc.
  • Edit the track, artist, etc. information while iTunes is syncing the additions to your library with the cloud.
  • When syncing is finished search your freshly added track in Apple Music on another device and start listening.

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